Lost Pet Support

Baltimore City Shelters

  • BARCS: : (410) 396-4695

  • Maryland SPCA: (410) 235-8826

Step #1: Contact local animal shelters

It's critical to visit all nearby shelters to look through their rooms and report your pet as lost. Maryland stray hold is only 72 hours, so visit quickly and often.

Provide an accurate description and recent photo.

Step #2: Make a lost pet post on Finding Rover

This online platform uses facial recognition tools to match lost dogs to strays in animal shelters.

Step #3: Alert the Community

Post flyers in the area your pet went missing. Neighborhood bulletin boards, businesses and vet clinics are great locations. Ask neighbors if they've seen your pet and provide contact info.

Step #4: Get Social!

Use social media to post about your lost pet and check lost and found pages for your pet. Include a current photo and multiple ways to contact you.

Facebook lost-and-found pages

  • Lost and Found in Baltimore City

  • Lost and Found in Baltimore County

Social Sites

  • For the Love of Louie

  • Nextdoor

  • Craigslist