Community Fostering

Providing support and resources to pet owners in need is crucial to keeping more dogs and cats out of shelters. With so many people facing unexpected circumstances due to the coronavirus pandemic, offering to walk a dog or donate supplies is one simple way you can be a part of keeping pets and families together.

Cat Foster Care Help

Dog Foster Care Help

Safe Dog Walking Tips

Helping Neighbors with Pets

Print this Community Kindness Sign to give to neighbors or hang in your window

If you have neighbors who are self-quarantined or otherwise in need of help, make sure they have enough pet food, offer to walk their dog or to take pets for routine vet visits.

Help with Your Pet

Even the best laid plans sometimes collapse. Are you sick and temporarily unable to care for your pet? When that happens, let your neighbors know you need help.

If you need pet food/supplies and live in Baltimore City we may be able to help! Visit our Pet Support page.